Starting October 27, flights of S7 Airlines, Pegas Fly, Nordwind, Red Wings Airlines are performed from terminal 2. Flights of Pobeda Airlines are performed from terminal 1.
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1923 The voluntary society of the friends of the air fleet was creates in Ufa.
May 11,  1924 The first aircraft shed was build  near the village Glumilino. The central department of the Voluntary Society of the Friends of the Air Fleet gives the aircraft FORMAN-30 to the airport for the trainings.
1932 Three aircrafts U-2 (PO-2) were landed at the airdrome.
1932 Three aircrafts U-2 were landed at the airdrome in  Ufa airport.
1933 The first airline was opened from  Ufa Airport. The solid length was over 730 km by the en-route Ufa-Sterlitamak-Meleuz-Mrakovo-Baimak-Magnitogorsk-Belorezk-Ufa.
1946 The Ufa flight was given to the Volga Administration. The flights were operated on the aircrafts Po-2 of the different modification.
1954 The airport accommodated the first airplane An-2. Hereafter the entry of the airplanes of this type was regular.
1956 The airport started the maintenance of the aircraft Yak-12 and helicopter Mi-1, used on the airlines of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
1958 There was the acceptance of the first aircrafts Li-2 in Ufa airport. The service of the aircrafts of this type demanded the special take-off runway and bigger dimension with the special radio and lighting facilities.
1959–1962 The preparation of the project of the building of the Airport in district Chesnokovka was finished. At the same years were the completion of the air terminal building and the take-off runway, which could accept aircrafts TU-154, An-10 and Il-18 and were equipped with the radio, technical and lighting facilities (for the landing approach in the bad weathers), radar facilities, three-floored "Airport" hotel , cargo depots, fuel and lubricant depots, dining hall and electrical substation for the power engineering of the full airport.
1962–1963  Ufa airport accepted aircrafts An-24, which carried the flights on the regional aviation.
1967 The number of  flights from Ufa airport to Moscow, Sochi, Simpheropol, Tbilisi, Kharkov, Leningrad was increased.
1978 The beginning of the regular usage of the aircraft TU-154.
1976–1990 The modernization of the flight-strip -1 took place (the reinforcement repair of the concrete platform and increase of its height till 27 cm). After the reconstruction the ability of the acceptance aircrafts with the take-off weight 100 tonne appeared (TU-154 and small aircrafts.) The First category ICAO was conferred to the flight-strip-1.
1990 The completion of the flight-strip-2 (3760×60 m) had the Second category ICAO. It could accept An-124 (RUSLAN) and Boing-747 (JUMBO JET).
1994 The Ufa airport  has been awarded the status of the International Airport.
1999 There was the procurement of the new airdrome engineering.
2000 As the result of the demerger of the Bashkir Airlines, the airport became the independent state operated corporation State Unitary Enterprise «Ufa International Airport».
2001 The entry into service of the International terminal. At January, 5 the first flight from the International terminal was made by the en-route Tashkent-Ufa-Tashkent.
2002 State Unitary Enterprise " Ufa" International Airport"  was reorganized into Federal State Unitary Enterprise.
January 16, 2006 Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Ufa" International Airport" was reorganized into Joint Stock "Ufa" International Airport", it had the further capital 181 thousand rubles. The 100 percent of its shares belonged to the Ministry of State Property of the Russian Federation.
2006–2007 At these years  the reconstruction of the domestic terminal, of the fuel-oil depot, of the "Airport" hotel and of the landside was made.
August 9, 2007 The terminal of the domestic airlines was accepted into the service. In this context the landside was doubled. Today there are situated registration area and arrival lounge, secure zone, business lounge and VIP lounge, transit passenger area, hold, cafes and shops in one building. The terminal has the modern technological and informative facilities, new ventilation and conditioning systems. The acceptance rate of the whole airport, which has 4 telescopic passageway, 4 elevators, 3 moving stairway, is increased to 800 people per hour. The reconstruction of the fuel-oil depot was conducted, that could guarantee the storage and the delivery of the certificated and standard propellant. That allowed to increase the volume of the fuel realization till 80 thousand tonne. That helped to ensure compliance to  standards of the Russian and international refueling complex. The reconstruction of the airdrome pavement on both artificial runways, taxy way and apron by 340 thousand square meters.
November 7, 2007 JS "Ufa" International Airport" served the million passenger.
2008 The Introduction of a multiuser v-MUSE system, which will allow simplifying and increasing quality of passengers service.
August, 2008 The airport celebrated the 75th anniversary
June, 2008 The booking system and sales system of air tickets "Gabriel" were put into operation.
May, 2009 "Ufa" international airport" won the annual competition "The Best Airport of CIS" in the nomination "Intensively Developing Airport"
August, 2009 Passengers,  taking off from  "Ufa" airport, had a possibility of passing of registration over the Internet.
October, 2009 Ufa Airport proclaimed a policy of  "The open sky".

October, 2009 A training hotel "Ufa Transit" on the basis of the "Ufa" International Airport" was granted the certificate in the nomination "The Best Marketing Policy".
December, 2009 As the results of successful certified audit the "Ufa" airport received a compliance certificate of a quality management system of ISO 9001: 2008.
December, 2009 The Ufa airport became the winner of the fifth National public award of the transport branch of The Russia "The Gold Chariot".
December, 2009 An office of  the Agency of saling air tickets and tourism was opened in the downtown Ufa.
January, 2010  "Ufa" airport  became the winner among the organizations of the Ufa area in fight for a rank of the best organization for maintaining the military account and booking of  citizens staying in a stock.
March, 2010 In  "Ufa" airport began to working out the new division of the airport branch — "Air taxi" with a park of cars of a  Peogeot foreign brand car.

March, 2010 The contract with AeroStatus corporation was signed for granting for passengers of  "Ufa" airport of new free service — obtaining information on the status of flights by the mobile phone.
March, 2010 The Program of application of discounts for  airlines performing flights from JS "Ufa" International Airport" was operated.
April, 2010 The new Collective agreement of JS "Ufa" International Airport" was signed.
May, 2010 The certificate was handed over to the Center of maintenance of aircrafts of the Ufa airport.
May, 2010 "The mentorship regulation" of JS "Ufa" International airport" was signed and operated.
June, 2010 The desk for self-registration was started in  "Ufa" airport .
June, 2010  Ufa airport became the winner of the international competition "The Best Airport of Year of CIS" in the nomination "For Activity and Commitment".
July, 2010 The air travel Ufa-Sibai from "Ufa" airport was opened.
October, 2010 The technical flight was performed on a en-route Ufa-Neftekamsk.
October, 2010 "Ufa" airport  restaurant  resumed work after a 5-year break.

November, 2010 Ufa airport participated in the exhibition "Transport of Russia", where it was awarded by the certificate of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
December, 2010 In  Ufa international airport  performing the technical flight on en-route Ramenskoye’s — Ufa the new domestic aircraft "Sukhoi Superjet-100" (The Superjet-100 or SSJ-100) landed.
December, 2010 The Ufa airport became the winner of the National award Russian Federation "The Company of 2010". The Ufa airport is the only one airport in the Russia, winning this high award, among such large enterprises of the country, as Gazprom, Russian Post, "Sistema", Aeroflot and Armavia airlines and the Sukhoi company.
February, 2011 Ufa Airport registered the domain in the international zone AERO.
March, 2011 The first Regional Forum of the business aviation passed in  Ufa airport. The choice was made not coincidentally, our enterprise has long experience in the market of the business transportations and is a large air-transport hub of the Russian Federation. Through the Ufa airport communications by tens of cities in the territory of the Russia, in CIS and foreign countries are carried out. Besides, the Republic of Bashkortostan is the main industrial platform in the Volga federal district.
April, 2012 The Aviation newspaper of  Ufa airport, "Vozdushny Most", became the owner of a distinction "Gold fund of the press-2012".
April, 2012 In the territory of the airport the avenue of trees "Avenue Tu-154" was planted.
May, 2012 The Hotel of  Ufa airport was called one of "The best hotels of the Russian Federation 2012"
July, 2012 At half-year end  Ufa international airport toke the leading positions among  airports of Volga federal district, having risen by the eighth place in a rating of an air traffic performance.
IV quarter, 2012 The Beginning of the preparation of an airport complex to carrying of  summits of  countries of the Shanghai organization of the commonwealth and BRICS in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
December, 2012   Ufa International Airport passed recertification on compliance to the international ISO 9001:2008 standard successfully.
April, 2013 In  Ufa airport started the project of the preferential air service among the cities of Volga federal district.
April, 2013 Teaching of the Flight search, emergency and rescue support branch of  air enterprises took place on the basis of  Ufa airport.
August, 2013  Ufa airport celebrated the 80th anniversary of Civil aviation of the Republic of Bashkortostan.