Starting October 27, flights of S7 Airlines, Pegas Fly, Nordwind, Red Wings Airlines are performed from terminal 2. Flights of Pobeda Airlines are performed from terminal 1.
+7 (347) 229-55-00
24-hour call center

Coordination procedure

1. Visit the section "Auction and Competitions" to examine actual lots.

2. Contact the not aviation activity service of the airport and arrange for a meeting for survey of the leased areas.

3. If at the moment lots interesting you don't bargain, you can send the offer to the airport to initiate carrying out competition on right to contract of rent of the area for rendering services on it in the category declared by you.

4. After the announcement of a request for proposals prepare and send a demanded package of documents. Collecting demands lasts from 5 till 10 working days. Definition of the winner and placement of results lasts 3 working days.

5. Develop and agree on the design project and the project documentation executed taking into account specifications of the airport. This stage lasts from 10 till 30 days.

6. Construction of a point of sales by your own forces — from 30 till 60 days.

7. Commissioning — date is appointed in coordination with the lessor.

8. Official opening of your business in the airport!

Contacts of commercial service JS Ufa International Airport:

The Commercial Contracts Director — Mednikov Oleg Albertovich

phone (347) 229-58-24, e-mail: