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Animals and Plants

Animals/birds and plants can be transported as a luggage or as a hand baggage in a cabin upon prior agreement of the air carrier.

By the transportation of the animals/birds and plant the passenger must have the necessary documents, which are provided by the Russian legislation, by the International agreement on the country, from the country or through the country, in which the air service is performed.

Animals/birds and plants to be transported shall be put into a hard carrier or a cage, which guarantees the accommodation requirements during the transportation, a free access of the air and have a safe lock. The bottom of the carrier should be hard, waterproof and should be covered with an absorbing substance. The cage should be covered with the thick and light-proof texture/cloth.

The weight of animals/birds and plants together with their carrier/cage and meal is not be included in a free baggage allowance. The transportation of animals/birds and plants shall be paid for the excess baggage tariff of the air carrier.

A blind passenger can be transported accompanied by the guide-dog upon the agreement of the air carrier. The transportation of the guide-dog accompanying the blind passenger is possible, if their training is properly certified. The guide-dog is transported in the cabin free of charge over the free baggage allowance. The guide-dog must have a dog-collar, a muzzle and should be tied to the seat of owner.

All information about the transportation and the import license of the animals, birds and plants you can confirm in the consulate of the country destination.

Please, inform your air carrier or its authorized representative about your wish to carry the animals/birds or plants when you book a flight or buy a ticket.