Starting October 27, flights of S7 Airlines, Pegas Fly, Nordwind, Red Wings Airlines are performed from terminal 2. Flights of Pobeda Airlines are performed from terminal 1.
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Oversized baggage

The carriage of oversized baggage (a dimension of one piece of baggage is more than 50cm×50cm×100 cm) shall be paid additionally at the Airlines Tickets or at the Air company office.

If the weight of your baggage is more than free baggage allowance, you must pay the difference of the weight by specified charges at the Airlines Tickets. The carriage of  oversized baggage is paid according to its actual weight.

The payment certified by the check of the excess baggage. The agent, who registers your baggage in the airport, checks the correctness of the payment and gives you the boarding pass.

In case of planeload and of weight of your baggage, the air carrier can refuse to carry your baggage. In advance we recommend to apply your carrier about baggage allowance rules by the baying the ticket.