Starting October 27, flights of S7 Airlines, Pegas Fly, Nordwind, Red Wings Airlines are performed from terminal 2. Flights of Pobeda Airlines are performed from terminal 1.
+7 (347) 229-55-00
24-hour call center

Emergency situation

A provision of civil protection of passengers, staff of the airport and airlines is a priority of activity of JS Ufa International Airport.

The main target of the provision of civil protection is a decrease the risk of infliction of harm to people and to the property, the control of the hazards, the maintenance at the set level of forces and items, intended for elimination of emergency and crisis situations, ensuring the civil protection with necessary items.

Information on the prevention and actions in emergency situation, the restrictions imposed in the area of airport safety and performance of the air transportation can receive:
On ensuring quarantine actions in the airport

  • in service of veterinary and sanitary control, phone: +7 (347) 274-68-43

The information on threat or emergence onset inform of

  • any official of the airport
  • at the fire and emergency situation by phones: 01 or  +7 (347) 229-54-01

Actions in an Emergency situation
In case of fire, fire alarm, evacuation announcement — immediately, guided evacuation scheme and signal boards, the shortest way to leave the room and placed in the location specified by  officials of the airport.
With the threat of natural or technogenic character strictly follow the instructions transferred by loud-speaker in the airport or instructions of officials concerning evacuation and performance of actions of individual and collective protection.