Starting October 27, flights of S7 Airlines, Pegas Fly, Nordwind, Red Wings Airlines are performed from terminal 2. Flights of Pobeda Airlines are performed from terminal 1.
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Note to passengers with reduced mobility

Information for the passengers with reduced mobility

The Ufa International Airport developed the concept of special service for passengers with reduced mobility. This concept is fully correspond to the rules for Air Carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and requirements for passengers service, shippers, consignees, which are specified in the Order №82 of  June 28, 2007 of  The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on the approval of the Federal aviation regulations (as amended Orders of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated  on October 08,2008 №165, from  October 25,2010 №231) and the integrated technological instruction for  passengers service in JS "MAU" in the part, concerning special points of the service for special category passengers.

Before the flight

Reserve your flight in advance.

Upon reserving and purchasing of an air ticket, inform and contact us by tel. +7 (347) 229-15-20, +7-917-435-53-56,  about the special services and assistance you will need in the airport and during the flight. You should inform the Airline carrier or the Agent on selling tickets about the necessity of such services when purchasing air tickets.

At your service there is also First-aid station facilities. First-aid station is provided with all the necessary equipment for first aid and you have the right to use a wheelchair (your own, or provided by the Ufa International Airport).


Baggage of passengers with reduced mobility is accepted for carriage according to the rules concerning all the passengers, except some items which you will need during the flight and which are complied with the safety requirements.

Transportation of the wheelchairs, which belongs to the passengers with reduced mobility governed by the relevant rules of the air carrier whose services You want to use. With the rules of transportation of passengers specified category and their Luggage from leading Airlines flying to/from Ufa International Airport. You can get acquainted at the office of your air carrier.

Passengers may check in the hold with no extra charge up to 2 personal wheelchairs / mobility devices, crutches or another or thesis.

Luggage and transport services for passengers with reduced mobility are free of charge (not more than 2 units of luggage will be carried for you free of charge).

Parking area

On the territory of the Parking complex, served by JS «Ufa International airport » privileges for persons with reduced mobility are applied.

You can receive the right to use parking places free of charge. There are 30 parking places, located close to the central entrance of the air terminal building and they are pointed out with a special marking and road signs.

Before you enter the parking complex , please, offer to the Dispatcher of the parking complex by phone +7(347) 229-55-76 or to the administration of the airport. It is located at the right site before the exit of the parking complex.

In case of having  the certificate, which prove the disability of I or II category you may use of the parking complex service and receive the parking card, in accordance with the applicable rates.

If you have the disability of the III or IV category you can use the parking complex service also, but according to the rates.

If you couldn’t find the appropriate parking place or you have some other questions, we recommend to address Administration of the parking complex.

Check-in and Departure

The staff of the Ufa International Airport  will accompany you from your coming at the airport to the departure gate.

Remember! For timely and comfortable passing the check-in of the passengers we recommend to get acquainted the information about the check-in process. On the internal flights or on the flights CIS the check-in is closed in 40 minutes prior to the departure. On flights in the international directions the check-in is closed in 50-60 minutes prior the departure, that’s governed by the air carrier.

The air terminal of the Ufa International Airport  is equipped with the necessary facilities for the comfortable free access of the passengers with disability – the wheelchair ramp, an elevator, an interpretive display, a call-buttons are on the right level, a phones, the wheelchairs and an ambulatory elevator (a special vehicle with a lifting cabin).

In case of necessity accompanying by a qualified medical employee is provided. For convenience of passengers, which can't move independently or which need medical assistance a possibility of passing of customs, passport (for international flights), special control and check-in are provided at the first aid. After passing of these procedures you will be delivered on the board in an ambulatory elevator (a special vehicle with a lifting cabin). On that reason we ask you to say about your departure in advance by phones +7 (347) 229-15-20, +7-917-435-53-56.

You can specify the date and the number of the flight, the name of airline company, describe the nature of your limitations (invalidity), necessary assistance, whether you take your invalid carriage with you (its sizes; whether it is folded or not; if it has an accumulator – what kind of accumulator it is), crutches or a guide dog and give contact information for connecting with you. It will help us to plan our resources in advance and give you recommendations for simplifying of the procedures in the airport.

 Personal service  

Thе service for passengers with reduced mobility is provided by Airport and is available free of charge to all passengers, who need the help. A member of the airport will accompany you from your coming in the airport to your aircraft. The wheelchairs are provided to you for the passing all procedures.

If you trip with your pull-down wheelchair and don’t want to use it the boarding, please, tell the agent on the registration on the flight, about you wishes in advance. After the boarding your wheelchair will be given for the baggage accommodation in a luggage compartment. The staff of the airport apprises a crew of your service.

Passengers with reduced mobility removing by the electro-wheelchair can be accompanied by the person, the electro-wheelchair permitted by the air carrier to the carry as the dangerous cargo. We recommend to address your air carrier to study full information about that carriage.

The carriage of  the  blind/deaf passenger

By the carriage of the blind/deaf passenger the air carrier can ask you to surrender the relevant document and an accompanying person. For the sake of good order, we advise you to specify that infformation at your air carrier on your bying  the ticket .

A blind passenger can be transported accompanied by the guide-dog upon the agreement of the air carrier. The transportation of the guide-dog accompanying the blind passenger is possible, if their training is properly certified. The guide-dog is transported in the cabin free of charge over the free baggage allowance. The guide-dog must have a dog-collar, a muzzle and should be tied to the seat of owner. We advise you to inform the airport about your flight with the guide-dog in advance by phones +7 (347) 229-15-20, +7-917-435-53-56.

"Ufa" International Airport" jointly with its partners offers to passengers with reduced mobility personal assistance in the terminals, during boarding, deplaning, as well as during the flight. We will do our best to make your stay in the airport the most comfortable and provide everything you need for that, including an invalid carriage.